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9/11 Comments
by Scott Hiller

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your business and support during the past eight years. It has been interesting, exciting and most of all rewarding, associating myself with such fine people.

I remember last year getting a $35 ticket to see the Denver Broncos v the NY Giants open our new stadium, and open the season for Monday Night Football. My home cities playing each other, on opening day, in the fourth row of Invesco Field - not a bad night. I went home feeling like I was on top of the world.

The next morning, my friend called me from New York City at 6:45am to tell me he just witnessed a plane fly into the World Trade Center. It became a day that we will never forget - the worst tragedy of our time. It not only affected us as a country, but individually in a deep and personal way. It forced us to search our souls for answers; and re-affirm our faith in people. People such as the strangers who sacrificed their lives solely for the welfare of others, and the people who we wanted to be with that ill-fated day: Our friends and family.

Now that we cope with the anniversary of our national tragedy, and with the deep emotions we each felt that day, I ask you, my fine customers and supporters, to think of September 11th as a day of appreciation. I suggest that we take this moment to show our appreciation to our employees and co-workers, and most of all to friends and family who are always there, even when we're not sure - even on a day like 9/11/01. It's these people who we can turn to, whether as the backbone of our business, or for their friendship, acceptance, enrichment, support, and love.

In this, I feel that we can gain a certain level of peace within ourselves when we think of 9/11. By gaining strength individually, we gain strength as a country, and show the world what it is to be an American.

All my best to my customers and supporters,
All my love to my friends and family,

Scott J. Hiller
Denver Media Designs

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