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Frequently Asked Questions

Rear-projection Plasma, LCD:
which one is for me?

70 Volt v 8ohm commercial audio systems: which one is for me?


  • Am I a commercial customer?
    Commercial customers include public viewing (restaurant, bar, etc.), semi-public (lobby, retail store, waiting room, etc.), or private viewing (offices, conference rooms, etc.). Commercial customers use DirecTV in their business. If service is for your home, you are a residential customer and should contact 1-800-DirecTV.

  • Why are the prices different for residential and commercial?
    DirecTV must negotiate separate commercial contracts to meet requirements by local broadcasters, national networks, and the FCC in order to re-broadcast programming to commercial customers. This is the case for all commercial viewing whether it be DirecTV, Dish Network, or cable.

  • How can I get a price quote for installation?
    Contact Denver Media Designs for a free site survey. A site survey is required so that we may determine how/where the dish will be mounted, how the wires penetrate into the building, local building codes, and the number and location of receivers. Our number is 303.744.0702.

  • How much does the progrmming cost?
    Please see our DirecTV page.

  • How do I contact DirecTV?
    Feel free to try calling Denver Media Designs first, or contact DirecTV's commercial department at 1-888-200-4388. They will require your DirecTV account number, phone number, or access card number.

  • What channels can I get?
    Please see our DirecTV page.

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